Women’s Ski Touring Retreat – Wanaka

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Meet the team:

ANNA COOK is blessed with an inquisitive mind. Her interests range from the Himalaya to surfing, photography and snow science. She is one of the most experienced female ski guides in the world with her time spent between working heli-skiing in New Zealand and the Indian Himalayas. She also stays busy fitting in mountain bike and ski tours in India with her own company Hidden Himalaya. She is in charge of snow safety for Harris Mountains Heliskiing and is an accomplished photographer with credits in various outdoor magazines. Despite all this, what seems to interest Anna most are people. She loves to meet new people and share experiences. Walking with Anna the time flies by as the conversation ranges from understanding the weather to holistic medicine and trying to get the light just right to photograph an alpine flower.

WENDY SMITH – It was in New Zealand in 1985 that Wendy Smith made her first skydive. Little did she know that that one jump would shape her life so significantly. Now, with more than 19,875 skydives under her belt, Wendy has advanced to such an elite level, earning herself World and Guinness records as well as Emmy Awards for unbelievable remote filming and aerial cinematography. Wendy was one of the first three skydivers to free-fall above Mount Everest at a record height of 9000m. Her passion for aviation and the mountains fits very well here in Wanaka. She recently climbed to 6500 meters in the Himalayas and finds that Wanaka is an amazing training ground for all sports – summer and winter.

DAME SUKHINDER ‘Sukhi’ TURNER was born in India and grew up in an Indian Sikh family. She graduated from Bethany College, West Virginia, USA with a BA in History and Political Science. She moved to New Zealand after marrying Glenn Turner, a prominent cricketer, in July 1973. They permanently settled in Dunedin in 1982 and have two adult children. Sukhi and Glenn now live in Wanaka. In the past 30 years, Dame Sukhi has been part of a wide range of community work, focusing particularly on education and politics. In 1992, she successfully stood for election to the Dunedin City Council. After three years on Council she was elected Mayor; an office she held for 9 years. Among many other awards, in early 2004 she was among the recipients of the Pravasi Bhyaratiya Samman, an award given by the Indian government to honour those who have made a significant contribution to Indian immigrant communities in other countries. Her interests include having quality time with her granddaughter, reading, health and nutrition, exercising, tramping and cycling.

JO GUEST is Scottish born and bred but has made Wanaka, NZ her home for over 12 years. Jo the founder and director of Mission WOW events and will be your main host and guide on this retreat. When asked, Jo shares that she often feels like she created ‘a creature’ and, instead of sensibly taming it, she keeps feeding it with more events. Mission WOW has continued to grow and adapt since 2009, challenging her in directions she never knew existed. Mission WOW was born out of a need for a supportive environment for women to learn and challenge themselves in. She wanted to share what and how she had learnt on bike, skis or surfboard, by introducing inspiring coaches to help her translate it to women so that they could enjoy it as much as we do. Jo is an active sort, with energy to burn. On snow, dirt, lakes or oceans, with good people to share it with, she is in her element in the outdoors. Combining the great outdoors with community and building connections with like-minded people is Jo’s modus operandi. She often says, “It’s the connections we have with different people that enrich our life.”

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