Singapore’s River Safari

Singapore’s newest visitor attraction, River Safari, soft-opens next week, showcasing flora and fauna from freshwater habitats inspired by eight of the world’s greatest rivers including the Mississippi, Nile, Mekong, Yangtze and Amazon rivers.

The 12ha River Safari park will be home to over 150 plant species and 5,000 animal specimens representing 300 species, including one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals.

Among its unique creatures are endangered river giants such as the Giant Salamander, Giant Freshwater Stingray and Mekong Giant Catfish. River Safari is also the only park in Asia to feature the Giant River Otter, the world’s largest, growing up to 1.8 metres. During the soft opening phase, visitors will be able to walk through River Safari’s freshwater galleries and immersive exhibits, including one of the world’s largest freshwater aquariums at the Amazon Flooded Forest and the Giant Panda Forest. The park’s boat rides will not be available until later this year.

From 3 April, visitors planning to see the giant pandas can do so only via River Safari. The current giant panda preview, which visitors pay a top-up fee in addition to Singapore Zoo admission ticket, will end on 31 March. Both pandas are housed at the Yangtze River zone that features the Yangtze alligator and the world’s largest amphibian – the Chinese giant salamander.

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