Learn new skills on a Greek beach

Greek beachWhat on earth could you learn whilst sunning yourself on a Greek beach? Quite a lot, actually; there’s more to do than meets the eye on the beautiful beaches in Greece.

Relax Whilst Exercising Learning Yoga

Start your day with a centering yoga session and learn and improve your yoga skills by the end of your holiday. You can book a whole yoga retreat for your holiday or join some classes whilst already on your break. The lovely scenery will get you in the zone and help you learn this new skill in comfort. You can find Yoga retreats all across the Greek Islands, including Crete, Santorini and Mykonos

Learn To Dance at the Beach

Many resorts in the Greek Islands have dance classes where you can learn traditional and international dance moves. If you have booked an all-inclusive resort these lessons can be free with your stay which is great to save money if you want a summer holiday on a budget. Try the island of Lefkada or the bustling Kos. If you are more serious about perfecting those dancing skills, you can pre-book courses. They are more intense but you’ll leave with lasting memories and excellent moves.

Enjoying Beach Art

The Greek Islands are inspirational for artists, many visit to paint or draw the spectacular sandy beaches and landscapes in this region. If you are interested in creating your own art it’s easy to attend a workshop or class on a Greek beach. Paros is well known for its artist’s community and you can find plenty of classes to attend here. Alternatively, Ikaria is also at hotspot for art workshops and more. By trying out art classes in Greece, not only will you improve your skills but you will bring home your very own creation to remind you of your holiday.

Exhilarating Water Sports

When you think about beach activities, water sports are some of the first things that come to mind. To improve your snorkelling, sailing, kayaking or even water-skiing or paragliding. Most of the big resorts and sometimes the smaller ones offer a range of water sports to try. If you want to delve a little deeper into the sport, then you might want to hire an expert or book lessons to really hone those skills. Greece is an excellent place to try and practice water sports and Naxos is a popular choice.

Improving Your Language skills

What better place to pick up the Greek language than on a Greek beach? The best places to learn are Sougia in Crete or the island of Syros, where you can book on basic to advanced language courses. Both adults and children can take these courses meaning the whole family can learn together. This is a skill you can bring home with you and that will stay with you until your next holiday too! If you don’t want to book a course however you can pick up words and phrases from the local people around you. They will be more than happy to help.

Cooking courses

Yes, you can learn to cook on the beach! Most cooking courses must be booked in advance. But like the dance classes, many all-inclusive resorts offer cooking lessons as part of your package. Check before you book and you could be learning to make some fabulous Greek dishes you’ll want to try again and again. Courses and classes can last anything from an hour to a full day or more. It just depends what you are looking for, but however long you spend learning you are such to pick up some excellent tips.

So what do you think about learning new skills on a Greek beach? Which skills would you like to learn? Is there anything that’s been missed off the list?


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