The Heights of Singapore

‎After the chill of Auckland of late, it was wonderful to land in Singapore to 30 degrees C at 7pm. I was whisked off to my incredible accommodation on the 47th floor of Marina Bay Sands and am now about to venture up to the 57th floor to check out the spa pools, bar and […]

Massive, historic calving at Glacier Terminal Face

Thirty to 50 million tonnes of ice has crashed off the Tasman Glacier Terminal Face in a massive calving that has resulted in at least 20 significant ‘bergs floating in the Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake – adding more drama and spectacle to an already dramatic landscape. The process began earlier this month when the terminal […]

It’s all go enroute to LA!

Now I know what it feels like to be struck by lightening in an airplane …. seated in business class on the flight from Auckland to Los Angeles, we were struck just after takeoff … a resounding roar, that’s for sure! Luckily no damage, and I’m now safely in LA … more to follow soon! […]

Mother Nature lines up spectacular ice show at Tasman Glacier Terminal Face

Mother Nature is set to put on a spectacular show at Aoraki Mount Cook’s Terminal Lake with what could be the biggest ‘calving’ of ice from the glacier face ever seen. A 20 to 40-metre rise in the height of the Tasman Glacier’s terminal face, thanks to a 250 millimetre downpour of rain over the […]